10.1 Base Extension Customization Layering

Interesting PSA regarding the use of base extensions as distributed by Epicor. In 10.0.700, a customization created on top of a base extension will load control properties in order: the base extension content assigns properties, then any conflicting properties introduced in a customization will take a higher priority. For instance, if a base extension defines textbox1 location as (0,0), but a customization moves that to (500,500), when the form is launched, you’ll see the control at position (500,500) as expected. Here’s the weird part: in 10.1.600, the same is true when you launch the form in developer mode. However, when you run the form after being tied to the menu, the base extension property of (0,0) will win over. This is problematic if you either move controls around or hide fields that were available in the base extension. While there is a workaround, to my knowledge as of 10.1.600.13 the only official way to fix this is to have Epicor modify the base extension to include your custom property updates or remove theirs (at cost).