10.2.300.2 Data Discovery

this is a new one for me…

Deployment of Data Discovery Failed.
Please enable the protocols for the instance from SQL Server Configuration Manager.
Protocols for SQL instance is not enabled
Failed to deploy Epicor Data Discovery

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KB0039204 - Epicor Data Discovery (EDD) Troubleshooting Guide

From Sql Server Configuration Manager
expand SQL Server Network Configuration
expand Protocols for SqlInstanceName
Enable Named Pipes and TCP/IP


Thanks - 10.2.200 DD did not require Named Pipes
EAC Help for DD installation doesn’t mention the requirement

I think this new version hates me

Access to the path ‘Autofac.dll’ is denied.

I’ve faced same issues, error show “Access to the path ‘Autofac.dll’ is denied.”. Version Number: 10.2.300.6

The Access to the path Autofac.dll error popped up on me today, any guidance on what cleared this for you?

I am getting the same error “Access to the path ‘Autofac.dll’ is denied.” Did anyone figure out the fix?

There’s a KB about this.