10.2.300.2 Sales Order Copy performance

We are single tenant ems hosted and are testing our 10.2.300.2 upgrade.

When testing copying a SO in our VANILLA base environment copying an order (old or new) with only a few lines takes 8 minutes. In our current 10.1.400 environment it only takes a few seconds. Has anyone else ran into this?

Can you enable trace logging to see which calls are taking so long?

Yes the calls taking forever:

Does it happen regardless of the SO being copied?

Same issue if you make a VERY simple SO, and then copy that?

Thanks for replying by the way :slight_smile:
Yes it is any SO even SO’s with only 1 line or no lines!

We used to have poor performance on the sales order entry.
What we did to troubleshoot is I had to run the sales order entry at it’s base form. No Customization.
Once I copied a sales order in it’s base form, it was night and day.
Then we corrected what was wrong with our latest order entry customization.

Thanks Yoann, however even running in our vanilla environment with no custom stuff, the performance is the same

Jeff, did you find any solution to the issue? We are testing 10.2.300.7 and running into the similar issue where CheckLetterofCredit and CopyOrder methods are really slow when copying an order.

The logs show that both methods are querying OrderHed and InvcHed tables for matching ARLOCID. Each query is returning all the records (over 200K in our case) from the database because we don’t use Letter of Credit, so ARLOCID is blank.

Do you use Letter of Credit?


I don’t know how to create the nice graphic screenshot seen above but what I can tell you is that copying a sales order or quote now takes an extremely long time in my system as well. We are on dedicated tenancy running the most current version.

I made an XML log and see very large values for time in the trace for CheckLetterOfCredit. We do not use letters of credit.

Sqlqueries= “10” cacheHits= “0” time= “12735.3761” qryTypeCount= “10”

copy order as well

If you are DT Ping EMS they’ll get on it with you and help you resolve.

Jose I would love to do that - can you DM me how to do that or reply here? I’ve only ever been able to get to cloud support through a support ticket with the regular Epicor support, and getting through the gatekeeping is hard at times.

//edit: I’ve logged a support case, will check back in here occasionally.

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My database has been sent to Epicor development for review, and yes ours was having trouble on the letter of credit method as well

In case anyone is interested, message from Epicor development:

With the assistance of the review board, we found the cause of this issue.
ERPS-104238 was generated to address this problem and it will be available alongside version 10.2.400
There is a Bug where Copy Order calls CheckLetterOfCredit method even when order has no letter of credit, and this is causing the performance issue.

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION The Copy Sales Order action is calling the CheckLetterOfCredit method even when the order being copied has no letter of credit. This is causing a significant performance problem on the Customer DB. EXPECTED 1. The CheckLetterOfCredit method should only be called when the order being copied is linked to a Letter of Credit 2. Inside public method, make first validation if LOC exist, before invoking time consuming queries 3. Nice to have: Review if performance of related queries can be improved Additional Test: - Review that the call is not displayed in the tracing log. - Regression testing related to this functionality SCR 208864.

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I couldn’t help myself, I had to peek at the copy order method! This is on the Server Services.BO.SalesOrder




The answer has come back that the copy sales order is fixed in 10.2.300.9. We get that in a week so I will check back. However, this is specific to letter of credit being checked when letter of credit is not used. So, while this will address 30 seconds from my trace, there are still 39 seconds of delay at the copy order step that are hopefully also addressed in .9. I will check back in here when we have the upgrade (Monday 1/21) although I can test this in Pilot as early as Wednesday (upgrading 1/15 evening) so maybe I will do that.

Just double checked we are getting 10.2.300.8 soon, not .9. It will be a while before I can follow up.

Confirmed, thanks! This is supposed to be fixed in 10.2.300.9

We tested the performance of Copy Order yesterday after installing 10.2.300.9 and orders are being copied under 10 sec now.

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We were upgraded in DT this weekend. Order copy and creating an order from a quote have improved to the 10-15 second range from over 1:20.
//edit: Typo and version - we are on .10

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