1099 Processing

Anyone know what happend to the 1099 Processing in E10? Was it renamed or removed?

Financial Management --> Accounts Payable --> Reports --> Supplier Payment

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Is the check box on Supplier Maintenance called Payment Reporting replace what was called 1099 in E9?


I saw some old posts about a 1099 Conversion in 10.1; do you know what that was for?

I do not.

Not sure you know the answer to this one or not. Our accounting department used to print out 1099’s. Do you know how or where that is in E10?

I have found a few things on Epic Web Education under What’s New for finance but it doesn’t give much detail.

If you are talking about the Supplier 1099’s, that is the Supplier Payment report referenced earlier.

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Kim you need to install the US Country Specific functionality in the localization tab under Company Configuration. You can request this license from your CAM. Once you install it you will see the 1099 option on the Supplier Screen

There is a document I can send you on how to install the CSF


Can you please send that? But sounds like I will need to open a ticket with Epicor.

I found that I never activated my license…UGH…Slowly figuring it out. THANK MARK :slight_smile:

I don’t have the conversion 9010. Will i have to get that from Epicor?

Its on the Conversion Workbench under User Run Conversions

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I don’t have half those conversions…

They moved it. Run the 1099 Conversion US

System Management -> Rebuild Processes -> Finance

This is after you set the CSF to USA on the server.



AGH…I missed a step. I enabled the license but didn’t assign USA under License properties.

Thank you everyone. With a combination of multiple responses…I was able to piece everything together and get this working.

I know this is an old post, but we just converted to E10.2.400.14 and I was looking for the 1099 report also.
Does each Supplier have to have that checkbox checked?
What criteria do you select on the report?
thanks for any and all help!

there were several things I had to do to get it working. I will send you what I have.

Thank you Kimberly!