Does anyone have a procedure on setting up and processing 1099s? If so, would you mind sharing?

Also, if a vendor is set up as a 1099 vendor after invoices have already been entered and paid, will those payments show on the 1099?

I know its documented in the CSF USA Guide.


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Did anyone successfully run Supplier Payment Processing on 10.2.400?

Not me. It was my first time running it so I didn’t know what to expect.

I will let you know, our accounting dept is trying in our test environment. I know the supplier payment report doesn’t work… Epicor said that report is fixed in 10.2.400.11

Anyone have specific instructions on how to add Box07 to invoices that were Open Loaded from legacy system and have been posted but have no lines so no UOM in order to have the invoices be included on the 1099 for 2019

I read the CSF USA Guide and while I am newer to Epicor I don’t consider myself dumb but this, this makes me feel it.