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At every order/Job creation, we need to look and see if it is a Reorder. This field is a UD field. If yes, then look to see if it is a certain set of parts and certain revisions. To me this looks like two BPM’s working together as the info is on two different tables. Can I use 2 BPM’s working like this together? OR are there other options I haven’t considered?

I’m not really sure if there is enough info here to help you yet. What determines said certain set of parts and revisions. Why do you believe it would be 2 bpms? what happens if it is a reorder? sets other fields?

The Reorder field is a UD table. While the other info needed is on a different table. I’m not a expert on BPM’s but I am assuming that one BPM is to one table, correct?

if you can post some data or a detailed example, then may be i could shed some light on that

There are 2 types of BPM’s. One is data directive, the other is method directive. Data directive by default only has access to a specific table, but there are ways to get info from other tables. Method directives have access to all of the temporary tables that that method directive touches.


@A.Baeisa @Banderson I need to revise a little bit. First, we have a UD field on Sales Order showing the Job Code. Job Code is labeled either NO (New Order) or RO (ReOrder). However, ti is on the JobHead table along with Part number and Revision number.

What they are wanting is to say IF this is an reorder with certain parts and revisions, then check the order it came from and see the date. IF the date is xyz date then throw a flag saying Send to Engineering.

In the method directive, you can make a condition that allows you to write a query and do something depending on the rows that it returns. There isn’t quite enough here to fully understand you schema, but from your description, you should be able to put this in one method directive.

Which Method is going to be dependant on when you want this message (you want a message right?) to pop up.

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I didn’t know I could use a query. Is there help files on this by chance? The query option would be good for me! It would make this much easier.

It probably is in help, but look through the list of options on a condition. You will see it in there.

In help look for BPM list of conditions.

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i do not think that you need a UD field for this, you can scan the PartTran table to see if the partnum, RevNum has been made before or not, then use this logic in your BPM to raise the flag

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