2 Employee clock in to same job, operation and SN

Is it possible to 2 different employee clock in to the same JOB, same operation also same serial number?

Due when i do test i put in Time Expense entry withe the following data employee A clock and JOB CT123-JIS-XXX and put operation 01 and then employee B come to continue the same JOB and Operation but can not using same serial number?

Doesnt the serial only come into play when reporting qty?

Hi Chris,

I don’t understand what do you mean about reporting qty? To better explanation here what I want:

  1. I create TE for EmpID: 123 with the job CT567-JIS-008, asm seq: 0, op: 20, labor qty: 1, SN: 001 (see image below)
  2. I create TE fro EmpID: 124 with same job, assembly, operation, labor qty and SN above

As I know we can use same SN if we use rework in TE detail. But can we achieve it without rework in Epicor?

Here is what I am referring to, you cant have 2 different emps report the same serial. You should be able to log time against it though.

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Thank you @Chris_Conn for your answer

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No problem buddy, thanks for the solution :smiley: