2022.1 client speed

We’re seeing some slow performance since updating to 2022.1 a few weeks ago. Mainly with screens opening slowly in the installed client. Usually 10-20 seconds is the wait time for things to open. Screens like AP Invoice Entry, Job Entry, Job Tracker, are examples. The web client is much faster, screens open instantly for the most part.
We host our own environment. app and sql are separate. We have 10GB connectivity between the servers. Storage is 10GB nimble storage array. SQL ram allocation is probably low, but I don’t know how much that would affect performance for the client if it is fast in the web client.?? We are talking about increasing it as a test.
All AV endpoints have been uninstalled from workstations / servers for testing to see if performance of the client increases. It hasn’t helped.
Anyone have any suggestions on things to do to try to increase the performance, or is what we are seeing expected or normal?

Hi Tyler!

Is it slow to open every time or just the first time? The first time will always be slow since Epicor will cache it. Following that, it should be faster.

Welcome Tyler!

Just curious, why not use the web client as much as possible and only use the full client when necessary? The web is the future of Kinetic.

No noticeable difference after opening multiple times. I thought opening the first time would take longer as well, and then be quicker, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore for us. I tried clearing the cache, closing, and reopening the client, but no difference.

Slow for us as well. We thought maybe it was our SQL server, but after thorough testing it is 100% not that. We have tried many different things, but with no luck. I think it a combination between the fat client, the WCF Core library they are using when they migrated to .NET core, and Entity. We also noticed that the slowness comes with the UI customization’s. Our customization’s are very light on the UI, but we do have some.

I am hoping someone replies to this with some good suggestions :smiley:

Epicor is probably throttling the performance to force you to the web UI.

Mark, That would be the way to go in an ideal world. Unfortunately, user training and customizations have to be made to adapt to the kinetic interface…

We found stretching it out has given us more time for the user training and customizations instead of going 100% either way. YMMV.

Thanks for your response. What you said makes sense. I’m hoping for some suggestions too.

Hi Mark,
Can you elaborate. By stretching it out do you mean using the web client for most things and using the regular client for things that are needed there?

You betcha.

What language does your users have assigned? Are they all in English? Have you turned on client tracing to see if the time is being spent in server calls or is it WinForm UI framework?

No tracing has been done yet. I’m not that familiar

We are using the classic view, not kinetic.

What exact release are you on (update level included).


Do you have plans to upgrade to 2022.2? There were improvements done there to the translation framework that improved the Classic UI performance.