2022.2.8 Panel Card Grid Appearance

A custom panel card grid viewed in 2022.2.8 that was created in 2022.2.8 appears dramatically different than a custom panel card grid viewed in 2022.2.8 that was created in 2022.2.7.

Is anyone else having the same experience? If so, is there a way to get the new panel card grid to look like all others?

The former customer panel card grid has a much smaller font in the table and column headers and all of the columns are the same width.

Do you still have a 2022.2.7 instance to compare to?

No, we updated all of our environments. We would have to install an instance of 2022.2.7.

Might be worth it to just wait a bit if you have that luxury.
They’re completely overhauling the way grids look for (I believe) 2023.1.


Good to know!

Thank you for that info. Has Epicor released any previews of what the grids are going to look like?

We are in the process of upgrading and I don’t think we will be moving to 2023.X because we are going live with 2022.2 this year. We will probably be on 2022.2 and wait for 2024.2.

If anyone is on 2022.2.8, and has a moment, can they see if the panel card grid looks different when created while in 2022.2.8?

I’m downloading it right now and will let you know.

Not officially, no. At least not as far as I’m aware.

I’m seeing varying results.

I created a new grid and set it up identical to the old one to compare apples-to-apples and it turned out the same.

However, I created a new grid and had it pull in data from a BAQ and now I see what you describe.

However, HOWEVER (lol), it reverts back when I manually call out what columns I want it to show in Grid Model > Columns.

Do with that what you will.

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Thank you for your help. It does work if you add the specific columns.

Nice of Epicor to include that new little process for us to discover.

Easter eggs. :wink: