2022.2 or 2023.1

Please take my poll.

  • 2022.2
  • 2023.1

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We were going to upgrade to 2022.2 this spring. Due to some technical issue, that didn’t happen.

Good News there is a fix that was just released that clears the way for us to continue. Since we didn’t get very far in testing and testing doesn’t start up again until later this summer, we have the option to go down the 2023.1 path, if we so desire.

If you had a vote, would you go to 2023.1.X or stick with 2022.2.X.

Any 2023.1 functionality that would be “shocking”. I am leaning 2023.1, but I also like shiny new objects. Look Squirrel

Thanks in advance for your input.

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I would go with 2023 just based off of the Kinetic UI fixes (no screen jump, tighter padding in grids) and the improved layouts in the following apps:

  • APInvoiceEntry
  • ARInvoiceEntry
  • CashRecEntry
  • CustomerEntry
  • CustShipEntry
  • ExpenseEntry
  • JobEntry
  • PartEntry
  • POEntry
  • ProjectEntry
  • QuoteEntry
  • ReceiptEntry
  • SalesOrderEntry
  • VendorEntry

Good luck!

Edited to add the order fulfillment automation features that we aren’t far enough along to take advantage of yet, but if you look at one of Tim Shoemaker’s last posts on here, he outlines how it can be configured based on rules you design. I haven’t tested it but it looks amazing.

Go 2023.1, let us know what you find :rofl:

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Get on the bleeding edge! someone has to and I’m all out of blood to give :rofl:

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  • ahem… less screen jump