2023.1 application studio text boxes show field names instead of labels when epibinding to custom baq data view, sometimes

Is it just me? This is literally driving me insane. I set the label on my text box:

Then I preview:

What the heck Epicor???

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I know I should report this to support and find out if there is already a PRB for it but I cannot bring myself to even log into EpicCare anymore, I give up.

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And its so inconsistent, here is it correctly labeling some fields and not others, all bound to the same custom view. WHY!!!


I can’t answer the first issue, but the text-area control has a different label style that allows it to float (or not if disabled). I find it rather annoying myself.

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Drives me nuts too. If you have a grid for any updatable BAQ dataview you can’t seem to control the label within the grid cell either. Simple checkbox fields need to be extra wide to accommodate the checkbox and label.

I’ve experimented with setting control labels with property set events. I’ve had limited success. I can get the label to change, but only after an event where the dataview has already changed and the original label is visible first. Haven’t found an event that will just set the label on load of the screen.

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It’s maddening this is even necessary. Its so basic to be able to label a control, how on earth does this get released in such a state?

Yeah that is annoying but not the issue, the issue is the label is supposed to be Ship SPACE To not ShipTo

Oh damn, didn’t even notice that!

lol maybe my users won’t either. Its driving me crazy.

I can’t replicate that in 2023.1 or 2023.2. :woman_shrugging:

I’m testing in 2023.1