Anyone on 2023.2.3 - Pilot and additionals?

I am about half way through testing SSRS Reports - i have not found any yet that did not work. Typically the AR Invoice has trouble surviving the Version change - however, so far (fingers crossed) it is working. Note: All are being tested in WinForms and NOT Kinetic (so far).

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Create a dashboard using classic and generate the kinetic app then make a layer and modify and put it on the menu… Let me know if you get a 500 error on GetApp (in network tools)

You must add a layer and change something e.g add a blank panel card etc…

If you don’t the dashboard will run normally without issues from the menu.

We are.

Lots of 500’s on GetApp for our customizations.

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We also have a custom dashboard which will not run in 2023.2.3, receiving the 500 error. Another seems to work fine, so I don’t think its across the board.

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Dave, that form haunts me after every upgrade haha

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You wait…
It will come…

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Hi all,

We have one known issue that is in the works for a final fix for ga where certain translations being loaded can cause an application load failure, however we’ve only had a couple of instances of it raised so far. One of them was with a dashboard that loads in studio but not from the menu. Likely that’s what you all are experiencing.

If you have examples of applications that are failing to start please make sure you report them to support with exports of your customization so we can review them quickly.


Love to see the payload on one of those.

Here’s one example. I’ve compared this to the base and the only difference is the “layers” value inside the array.

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Good morning @aarong, @spaceage, Epicor rolled out 2023.2.5 last night to our PILOT environment. The dashboard that was previously having the 500 error on GetApp is now working again.

Just an FYI so you could test your issues and see if it fixed your problems as well.

Cheers, @bconner, for the help behind the scenes getting this patched (in my case at least)!

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You have to request the fix. This has now been resolved. It should be in the next production release.


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Thanks David. When I reported it they were able to apply the fix to our 2023.2.3 Pilot instance. Looks like the fix is still working and made it into 2023.2.5.

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This has been resolved.
Problem: PRB0273110

Support have informed me that this will be in the next production release 2023.2.5. If you’re experiencing this issue then please request the fix to be applied to your pilot and additional environments.

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