2024.1 Predictive Search is not using "Contains" rather it is using "Starts with"

I have found this issue with the upgrade to 2024.1

The search in 2023.2 is using the “Contains” type search
2024.1 is using “Begins with” type search.

This is a critical issue for us as we use it to find customers to enter a quote.
I have put in a case with EpicCare for two different companies.

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Where are you testing this? I just tested on the order entry landing page in 2024.1.8, typing in the customer name field, and it did a contains search.

I just tested this on the quote header screen for a new quote.
Also have the same issue with part searching

Testing in Pilot - 2024.1 - US SaaS - CS0004446583
System Version

Testing in Live - 2024.1 - GOV SaaS - case - CS0004446599
System Version

I just tested on the Quote entry landing page, on the customer name field, and that also does a contains search. Not sure where you are testing part searching since they took away the part landing page. Are you sure somebody didn’t just change the setting from the default?


I’m using Predictive search on the quote head screen quotehed.customer field

This is not a landing page issue
Rather it’s using the capability of searching when adding a new quote or order and just typing in a string in the customer field
Or adding a new line or adding material and searching for a part

Our processes that we have developed in our different companies relied on this ability

oh! I totally misunderstood.


Did you try a predictive search in Quotes or Orders?

I haven’t tested the predictive search, but hasn’t it always been a starts with search?

Not since 2023.1 - here’s the results for 2023.2

Having it work with contains helps when you have customers that can be named different ways.
I have a feeling that Epicor will state - “Working as designed”

Might as well get a head start and just write the idea now.


We figured you had a template you could share.


I love this community


Thanks @aosemwengie1 - here’s the idea

Keep Predictive Search to utilize “Contains” vs “Start With” search as it is in 2023.2