4.0 Conversion - Problem Clearing Checks


Do you know what caused the problem? Did you post your last bank reconcilation?


Matt Finn wrote:

> Yes, we had a similar problem. You will have
> to get a 'fix' program from Epicor.
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> From: Dina Hieber On Behalf Of Dina Hieber
> Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2000 3:22 PM
> To: vantage@onelist.com
> Subject: [Vantage] 4.0 Conversion - Problem Clearing Checks
> The person who does our bank reconsilation said the June and July checks
> that she cleared in 3.0 are no longer cleared once we did our 4.0
> conversion. Has anyone else seen this? Or did we miss something in the
> conversion??
> TIA.
> Dina
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