4.0 Conversion

We are on 4.0 patch 904. If we have a partial payment, only the balance
shows on the Aging, I just checked it. I don't know if this was fixed with
a patch, we don't get many partial payments and I never heard of it being an
issue here. For the most part, we try to keep up with the patches, although
I haven't installed the one that requires schemachanges yet.

We are in the process of converting to 4.0. One issue that I have come
across involves Aged Receivables. The dollar amount due is not being
properly shown on our aging report. Any invoice that has been partially paid
is showing up on the aging report as the original invoice amount not as the
actual amount due. The correct balance due is shown through tracker. We have
not run any patches as of yet (4.00.603). Does anyone know if this was fixed
or if it might be an installation issue on our end?

Thanks in Advance,

James Smith
Financial Coordinator
Lovejoy Chaplet Corporation
(518) 686-5232