4.0 implementation

Here's my dilemma or at least what I perceive as a dilemma:

I'd like to go live on 4.0 with the beginning of my new fiscal year which is
November 1. I look at my calendar and see that date begins the second month
of a calendar quarter. Since payroll is based on a calendar year I'd like
to use the employee YTD load feature of the payroll module to get current
with all payroll information. I see there is a start date in there that
according to the help screen in module configuration:

"Start Date is the date on which you want to begin your actual payroll
This date can only be entered until you create any payroll entries through
the Check Run procedure.
If you want your quarter to-date figures to be accurate, you need to begin
payroll processing at the beginning of a quarter.


Epicor says the most logical time to go live is at the beginning of a new
year. Which new year, calendar to accommodate payroll or fiscal to
accommodate the rest of my business?

Am I making more out this than I need? How has anyone else handled this?


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