4.0 ODBC Question

Thanks for your help, John! I am so thankful that I don't have to redo them

This weekend we finally upgraded to Vantage 4.0. For the most part, it went
really well. The only problem that I am having so far is with ODBC.
Changing the ODBC to handle 4.0 was simple, I just had to do a couple of
things on the server, and change the client system variables to point to the
newly created Progress folder. This was explained clearly in the ODBC 4.0
install instructions.

My problem came when trying to run ODBC reports in ACCESS that were created
in 3.0. These reports use 'linked' rather than 'imported' data. When I try
to run these reports in 4.0, I get a message saying "[MERANT][ODBC PROGRESS
driver]Driver's SQL SetConnectAttr failed[MERANT][ODBC PROGRESS
driver]Optional feature not implemented. However, I can create new reports
through linked data without a problem. Did anybody else have this problem?
Has anybody successfully run reports using linked data after the upgrade?
Thanks for any feedback!


All you have to do is go into each Access application and relink the tables.
Use the linked table manager under Tools...Addins....linked table manager.
Then selcet all the tables and point them to the new location....

John Yohannan
Bracalente Mfg.

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