4.0 Patch 811 - Issues


Since we went live with 4.0 about a month ago, we have several 'bugs' and
problems that have been coming up. I have called Vantage Tech support on
each one of these, to no avail so far. I was hoping maybe someone out there
could offer some feedback.

1. When Mass Receiving, the receiving screen minimizes
Tech support recognizes this error as a bug and there is a change
request submitted.

2. 'Run-time error - 2147221008 (800401FO)' system error and H800401FO
(-2147221008) Colnitialize has not been called.
I have only seen this error occur on one PC. It occurs when he is
looking up info in the trackers. I have tried deleting and re-adding his
user account, uninstalling and re-installing Vantage, still getting the
error. the error does not occur every time, just occasionally.

3. None of the widgets used in the Wait-For statement are sensitive WAIT-FOR
Statement terminated (4123)'
This error started about a week after brining 4.0 live. It occurs
whenever the user tries to preview crystal reports. They can print the
reports without a problem, but if they preview, they receive this error and
their machine completely locks up, requiring a re-boot. This did not ever
occur on 3.0 and it was working correctly for the first week we were on 4.0.
Since then, it has been rather sporadic, working at times, generating the
error at other times.

4. In PO Entry, Under Suggestions 'New PO' active, but does nothing when
clicked on.
This has happened very sporadically. The user runs the 'generate
suggestions' routine. He then goes into PO Entry, and clicks the
suggestions menu option. The 'New PO' option is active, but when he selects
it, nothing happens. The same button works on another PC and shows the
suggestions he generated.

Problem number 1 occurs on every PC. Errors 2-4 so far, have only been
reported on 5 machines. 3 of which are NT and 2 of which are 98. They are
all generally in the same area of the building, but the network
administrator here can't think of anything they have in common which could
be causing this.

Thanks in Advance for any insight you can provide into these problems!