4.0 Purchasing Suggestions

I know that there has been a lot of talk about how slow purchasing
suggestions is on 4.0. Even with the latest patch which was supposed to
improve things, this is still a huge slowdown for us. We upgraded to 4.0
this weekend, basically for the quality module and a couple of other
enhancements, but I am already starting to regret it because of the
extremely negative feedback from the purchasing department.

In addition to how slowly it runs, we have found that it will no longer
create suggestions for a job that is not scheduled! Currently, we do not
schedule all of our jobs since many of them come in and out in 1-2 days. We
have only been scheduling the long jobs than run 2-3 months. we realized
today that in order to purchase parts or subcontracting through purchasing
suggestions, the job first has to be schedule. has anyone else found this
change to be a pain? Does anybody know the proper procedure for requesting
something in the system go back to the way it used to be?

Thanks in advance!