4 Week Cumulative Ship Report

I am trying to create a BAQ that gives me the current date orders shipped and a 4 week cumulative prior to that date? Can anyone help? I have the BAQ pulling the correct data for the selected date, but can’t figure out how to get all of the 4 week prior shipments listed as well.

Mak a sub-query similar to your orginal one, and use the SUM function in Calc fields fr the cumlative.

In the sub query add criteria using the date offset

>= TODAY - 28  AND <= TODAY -1

(that’s pseudo code)

Then union the sub-query to the main query

ok, thanks. I’ll give it a try.

When you say “4 week cumulative” do you mean the last 4 weeks (excluding today), summarized in some way?

Because that summary will need to be exactly the same number and type of fields as the results for TODAY.

you could also use the table criteria and specify anything greater than or equal to 4 weeks, if you’re looking only and today and back 4 weeks.

Thank you Al.