.408 upgrade..Notes from the Field

This one was not good.

Several issues arose:

1) Paypal flow link changed site and no one told us of the link change.

2) In customer, all linked documents are gone..but if you click on attachments and hit refresh, they reappear. But they only reappear for as long as you have
the customer open. (They are digging into that) Attachments in other places are fine

3) Didn't realize you must do the .408 release update before moving to .408a.(thought I was told differently- my bad)

4) Configurator stopped working. Not bringing selections into the order. This one is not good.(ticket open)

5) Some BPMs "broke." We have a massive SC workflow and the upgrade caused a handful, of the 60+ BPMs, not to work after.

6) Report issues: After the upgrade any customized report paths were reset to prior location instead of current default location. (most people don't mess with this one- we have remote sites and thought moving them out there would improve performance- it didn't)

7) Labor still not calculating correctly, was suppose to be fixed in the release.(Still trying to get the right answer on what that should really be)

8) Some issues with people not being able to print preview though printing was fine. I found that I needed to upgrade from our CR runtime to CR runtime with SP5- issue went away.

That is it for now but it is only day 2 of the post upgrade to .408a

Miner Enterprises