4GL error in the Log Files (Vantage 8.03)

Trying to troubleshoot some performance issues, I am having the following error happening pretty constantly while running configured parts, or when running test rules during development:

[13/03/07@14:02:34.688-0600] P-000392 T-000108 1 AS -- ** No PcInputs record is available. (91)
[13/03/07@14:02:34.688-0600] P-000392 T-000108 1 AS -- ** 4GL Debug-Alert Stack Trace **
[13/03/07@14:02:34.688-0600] P-000392 T-000108 1 AS -- --> checkValidEntries bo/Configuration.p (D:\epicor\mfgsys803\Server\bo\Configuration.r) at line 20779


Has anyone seen this, or know why it would be getting thrown? I checked to make sure the PCinputs table did have some inputs for every page in the specific configurator I knew was throwing the errors, and also that there were no extra pages listed in the pcpage table that didn't have corresponding page entries in pcinputs.

I turned in a support ticket on it, so hopefully Epicor will have an answer.