5.0 issue - please submit this complaint to application s with the

I received the following message from another company friend who was Beta
testing 5.0 who is not on the onelist. It describes a problem he has
encountered with the purchasing approvals and buyer limits in 5.0. If you
foresee this being an issue in your company, please let support know.

We have been working with 5.0 for over 4 months since we were Beta testers
of the new version. There is a problem with a new feature that people should
be aware of. Please read below and help me in getting this corrected with
Vantage, if you feel that this is something that you feel needs to get

Information is as follows from tech support:

Please reference call # 651044MPS if you have any additional questions on
this issue.


Here's the document reporting the pending approval/ receipt issue.

Phil Berglund, Vantage

Page ID 1249MPS

Purchase orders that have not been approved or are Pending approval will
allow receipt transactions, even if the PO was for greater than the amount
the buyer was approved for. Shouldn't an error message appear upon
attempting to receive an item for a purchase order that is pending?
Shouldn't a receipt transaction not be allowed until the purchase order is
approved, especially if the attempted receipt is for a PO that is over and
above the amount that the buyer is approved for?

1. Create a PO with a buyer attached that has a specific approval amount.
Put in an Approval Person for this buyer.
2. Make sure the dollar amount of the PO is greater than what the buyer is
approved for. Do not approve the PO.
3. Go into Receipt Entry and receive the PO. No error message or warning
appears. The PO can be received.
4. Go back to step 2. Approve the PO. A warning appears that says you
have exceeded your purchasing limit and must be approved by <Approval
Person>. Click Yes to continue. The PO now is approved, but has a Pending
status. Go to step 3 and receive the PO. There is no warning or prevention
of the receipt in this case either.


Since a PO cannot be printed until it is approved the assumption is that at
one time the PO was approved and at the time the Vendor was sent the PO it
was approved. Now a release was added to the PO that brought the total
value over the buyers limit. Since the original lines / releases were
approved they may be in transit and should be able to be received. This is
why the we currently allow receipt to unapproved PO's.