5.0 Job costing issue

I just wanted to post this issue out to the group of those of you who have
converted to 5.0. For those of you who have not this won't be an issue I
think, but I would confirm.

SCR 1662, planned for Vantage 5.00

Tester's note: to see this problem, you need a job where some material was
issued prior to conversion to Cairo.

When the Cairo costing project (SCR 292) broke material costs into
components (material, labor, burden, and subcontract), it added conversion
program cv/cvjc0035.p to copy the total material cost into the material's
cost component. To do this, it used a loop through all the database's
companies. Unfortunately, the loop ends too early, leaving some changes
completely unmade. Moving the end of the loop to the end of the conversion
will fix this for databases just converting to Cairo.

But we cannot rerun the conversion for existing Cairo customers because it
could create bad costs if any material costs have changed since the
conversion. The easiest fix would be to write a conversion program to look
for records whose total material component costs do not add up to their
total material cost, and add the remainder to the material cost's material

Records affected by this problem are:

job assembly: this-level actual material cost
lower-level actual material cost
total material cost
job material: material cost
salvage credit
non-conformance: material cost
DMR header: material cost

WORKAROUND: Fix program fixbadmtlcost.p followed by the Job Assembly Cost
rollup will fix job costs.


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