507A BAQ Issue?

Hi All,

I seem to have an issue with BAQ's created in 507A.

In my example, I added OrderHed to the BAQ, then I added OrderDtl and
the BAQ Designer established the correct table relationship.

Next I added Customer but the table relationship to OrderHed is using
the same fields as the relationship between OrderHed and OrderDtl
(Company and OrderNum).

If I delete and recreate the relationship...same thing.

If I look at the Query Phrase, it is showing the same incorrect fields.
Obviously there is no OrderNum in Customer.

If I change OrderNum to CustNum, now the relationship between OrderHed
and OrderDtl is wrong.

If save and refresh the BAQ, the bad table relationships are gone but I
get the same results it I try to recreate them.

I'm calling support but I wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing

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