[6.1.536] Invoice Missing PO NumberWhen Printed

A very odd thing has happened to an invoice when printed (Crystal form). The PO Number in the INVCHEAD dbf file is missing and shows as an apostrophe character. This causes it to print as blank on the invoice making it real hard for our customer to match the invoice to their order. Since it is showing in the dbf file as ' . This has only ever happened once (that we know about) and the PO number is very "normal" (13376387). I can not detect any other characters when I examine it in the invoice tracker screen (as well as Order tracker). BUT...when I dump it via a quick & dirty RB report it looks shows only the '.

How can it look OK on a screen but not when printed? Anyone else ever see this bahavior? I am suspecting some other character entered as a typo is the culprit.

Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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