[6.1] AMM Module in version 6.1

We are considering the AMM module to resolve some issues with where WIP is located. We frequently process partial jobs or delay production between operations due to machine constraints and have to set the WIP aside. Issues arise when the location it is placed in is not recorded leading to a lot of searching around. We are also looking to better identify the WIP as far as exectly what operation it is complete thruough. There is very little documentation about the Data Collection (MES for 6.1) side and the only demos we've had are for 8.03.4xx.

We have been cautioned by several sites that there are numerous very basic errors in the quantities after movements are recorded. Mostly issues in 8.x versions. We want to see if these are also happening in 6.1.

Is anyone out there using AMM on 6.1 and happy with it? Or at least working around any known issues well enough to make it usable? If so please comment or feel free to contact me off-list at caugheyt@...<mailto:caugheyt@...> . In essence I am looking for "good" references but all comments are welcome.

Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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