[6.1] BAM alert for entry of nonconforming inventor y or job ma


I hope you didn't mind me calling you out, so to speak, but I was sure you'd
have something to offer and sure enough you did. I will definitely try your
second suggestion. Unfortunately, your first suggestion, which probably
makes perfect sense for most companies and probably would be easy at them,
will not work here because we do not include quantities in our labor
transaction reporting. :-(

I'll let you know how this works out.


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Having been called out by name...
I would deal with the two methods of NC separately.
First, the easy one...watch the LaborDtl table for LaborDtl.DiscrepQty.
This would be the items entered as NC from the job.
The second is a little more tricky. I would watch PartWhse.OnHandQty linked
to PartTrans "FIND LAST WHERE" (link appropriate fields) and examine the
PartTrans.TranType for "STK-INS". This would not be a perfect solution, but
should work most of the time.
Let us know if I was out in left field on this one. If you would like some
additional help, just let me know.
Good luck,
Aaron Hoyt
Vantage Plastics

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Hello group,

I'm hoping that Aaron or one of you other BAM gurus may have already created
what I want or you at least can suggest some ways that I can create it. I
would like to have an alert generated whenever someone enters nonconforming
inventory or job material. I am already having an alert sent when a PO
receipt is received to inspection, but setting up that alert was relatively
easy because the RcvDtl table is one that is available in BAM.
Unfortunately, neither the NonConf table nor the PartTran table is available
in BAM. The only way I can envision accomplishing this is to monitor the
OnHandQty and IssuedQty fields, in the PartWhse and JobMtl tables,
respectively, and then create joins to the PartTran table and set conditions
for the alerts according to transaction type or sysdate. However, at the
present time, my reach exceeds my grasp; I'm perplexed as to how to convert
this notion to reality. Any suggestions?

Scott Lepley
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