[6.1] Birds of a feather: Long-term contracts and p ercentage-o

Hi Scott,

I'm not sure if what we do is technically "percentage-of-completion
accounting method" - but we have jobs that sometimes run several months.
For many of these, we do incremental billing. As an example, we might have
an order with terms 25% - 4, which means to use - we will invoice the
customer the first 25% at start of order. Then a second 25% at halfway
point, another 25% at order completion and final 25% at customer final
sign-off (after customer testing and approval).

We have all different types of incremental billings with different # of
billings and different percentages, depending on the customer and
conditions. We manage this thru reporting that we have created based on
terms, due date and amount invoiced and paid to date.

I'm not sure if this is similar to what you are referring to?


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Ok, Todd, I'll bite! I'll accept your challenge and we'll see what

Anyone else out there who struggles (or better yet, doesn't struggle) with
the referenced issues? If so, please reply, either on-list or off-list.

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Subject: [Vantage] 1,176 people on the list - ask away - it's FREE and you
don't have to buy a plane ticket !

Just checked - 1,176 people on this list from all over the world.

Folks - ask away - no question too large or too small. It's ALL free and you
don't have to buy plane tickets! How can this possibly be a better

If someone wants to start a "Birds of a feather" exchange on the list - go
for it -

Try subject lines like:

"Birds of a feather: Plastic Molding"
"Birds of a feather: Accountants" - lay out topics of conversation and see
what you can get going -
"Shop Floor Scheduling Module: The good, the bad, and the ugly - open

Send a msg looking for 5 or 10 people on the list that are interested in one
particular conversation and offer to set up a conference call where you can
talk privately. Of course, the rest of us would appreciate it if you would
post the results of those group conversation on the list!

Seems like we have a ton of people who don't feel comfortable asking
questions on the list ... especially people who are non-technical. But if
you want to start a thread about a specific module or topic you may be able
to get them to join in on a conversation. Like a lot of things in life - 1
person has to be willing to start the thread ...

You are allowed to have brutally honest discussions about Vantage modules -
what works, what doesn't, what you would like to see changed - just try not
to make it personal and try not to bash EPICOR as a company. Individual
modules on the other hand are fair game - have at it. Constructively if at
all possible -

Most people seem to think of the list as an "Ask a question / Get an answer"
format. That's the least of what it could be. Why can't you set up groups
of people to just discuss issues?

Years ago I suggested that EPICOR use the list to evaluate suggested changes
to modules. Subject line: "EPICOR's proposed changes to XXX module - What
do you think of these ideas?" Sure would be nice to have 1,179 people
review this stuff BEFORE it gets written. You would think that EPICOR would
---jump--- at the chance of having a FREE way to tap into all of us for
ideas. Some companies actually PAY to have focus groups. How about a focus
group with 1,179 members who would LOVE the chance to be involved in the
future of this product!

This list is a possibility for 1,179 people to talk to each other who will
likely never meet in person. Personal opinion - we aren't even using 1% of
the potential for a tool like this.

If you want to see waves in a pond, sometimes you have to be willing to
throw a rock!

Bottom line - stir up the list and see what happens. This list is NOT just
for tech's! Heck, we even allow woman to join - ( I'll duck now .... )

Happing hunting

Todd Anderson

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