[6.1] FRx 6.7 Really Weird Install Result

I just installed FRx 6.7 (for Vantage 6.,1) for a user (the 4th such install I've done) and am getting the strangest result I have ever seen when running any program. All of the text for menu lines and buttons etc.... are scrambled non-sense text. Like on the window to select a company the window title is "Summarize & Financial Statement at Server" and where the OK button would be it says "parent_id"...Cancel is "Catalog". On the menu bar the option that usually says 'Company" is "Delete link" and the item for "Options" is "All changes may not have been saved.". The buttons and menu items seems to behave OK if you make a guess what they are from using them on a client that works right.

Anyone else seen this behavior? I tried installing the lates patch with no luck there. Thought I would ask the real world people who do this install more frequently before starting a trouble ticket with Support.

Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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