[6.1] ODBC Version of Crystal Invoice (ARFORM)

Our new Finance guy would like to be able to reprint all open invoices greater than a certain number of days old (probably 60 most of the time). I stuck my big foot in my mouth and told him sure, no problem, I'll just change the tables to ODBC from the DBF files and filter for X days old.

Now I am getting a real education in the construction of the DBF files. Many extra tables to link to (like Contacts, ShipTo, SaleRep, etc...). Probably can be done and would be a great learning experience but.....
Has anyone else been stupid enough (from from curent frustrated perspective) to try this? Were you able to get an exact match to the canned version? Mind sharing?

Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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