6.1 Routing/Traveler suggestions

On the tooling side of our business we currently use one job number
to create the whole tool from design to the actual running of the
PPAP. In trying to figure out how to better schedule the work centers
I am asking for suggestions on how other companies are creating their
jobs. For this side of the business we link the sales order to the
job. The job template currently has every work center which may or
may not be needed and time estimates for some of the work centers are
used, but not all of the work centers.

My thought was to make it a project and then attach different jobs
for the work centers to that project so that we can better track the
work center utilization and try to minimize the bottlenecks at some
of the work centers. Does this make sense or has someone found a
better way to do this?

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated before I try
to "move this cheese". Thanks.

Kathy Schaich
Operations Support Manager
Ultra Tool & Mfg, Inc.