6.1 Scheduling Question


We are on Vantage 6.1. I am looking for a solution to a scheduling
problem. We have a job that requires a tube laser operation and a
tapping operation. As the tube laser runs by itself the operator is
tapping the previous tube. Currently we use the tube laser work center
for both the Laser and Tap Operations. This practice puts the tapping
load onto the tube laser work center. In reality, this should not
affect the Tube Laser's load (the tap operation is done within the Tube
Laser cycle).

I considered creating a WorkCenter for tapping but then that operation
won't appear on the dispatch report (dispatch is grouped by department).
Also, we tap parts in several different departments.

I'm considering creating a Secondary tube laser work center with no move
and queue time and the same capacity of the tube laser work center. I
would add this Work Center to the Tube Laser's dispatch report.

Does anyone else do this? It should solve issues with shop load. Also,
I think adding a workcenter without move and queue should improve our
job scheduling (since the operations are done simultaneously).

Any suggestions/feedback is greatly appreciated!


Kelly Wendorff

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