[6.10] Labor Entry - Indirect hours in the future

We are still on 5.2 but have been using vantage to track vacation in this
way ever since we have been using vantage (since 3.0). we enter the
vacation time in as indirect day as soon as we receive the vacation slip and
it has never been a problem. We also do not use vantage payroll (we export
our vantage data to external payroll system every 2 weeks).
I have set up an indirect code called "VAC" for vacation time and we would like to be able to pre-load future vacation hours via Labor Entry. All of this is due to a requirement to have Vacation time somewhere in Vantage in order to calculate overtime each week. I need to capture vacation hours on an RB report that totals weekly hours for OT calculations that are keyed on if they have had 40 or more hours prior to working on a Saturday where vacation hours count towards thw weekly time. Our payroll person would like to enter the time at the time when the receive the approved vacation slip even of the requested time is several months in the future. As far as I can see this time on this indirect code will not affect anything else since we do not have Vantage Payroll.

I see where when I make an indirect time entry in Labor Entry it gives me an error box when the date is greater than today...but if I edit the year portion by changing to 00 then to 06 it will accept the date and record the entry of future indirect time. But this maneuver makes me wonder if this will actually work and if the labor header/detail record(s) with dates "out of sequence" will cause any harm elsewhere - even though the system allows it.

Does anyone else out there create indirect hours in the future? Or have any opnion whether this will cause any problems?

Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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