[6.10] Packing Slip Entry Locks Against Job Manager

Hoping there are still some 6.10 (or earlier) people around, current or former, that could shed some light on a table locking issue. We have had this from day one on 4.0 but lately it has gotten out of hand. The person entering packing slips in shipping is constantly getting table in use messages (usually OrderHed) related to other users who are not doing anything related. For example a person entering operations for a new job will prevent packing slip creation. While the job entry is usually down via the Sales Order entry link to Job Manager this happens even when the customer for the packing slip is not the same, let alone the same order. Job creator people never lock each other up...just Pack Slip Entry, which seems to be extra sensitive. It is like the entire OrderHed table is locked for the Pack Slip screen.

Lately is has been happening a lot more probably due to some organizational changes related to who creates jobs for new releases on existing long term sale orders. Job entry tends to stay open a lot longer at a time. So this has almost completely shutdown the ability to create pack slips.

Are there any known solutions for this...either in a system setting or in procedure changes? Suggestions?

Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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