8.00.804 Rule Wizard Tests


Here are my findings, please comment or note any additions or differences
you may have experienced.
I'm converting all my watchdog report builder reports to rule wizard entries
first if possible, next a dashboard, finally a crystal report.

I'm doing simple test on the ability of the Rule Wizard.
I'm testing with the FOB table and three fields FOB, Description, Terms and
I added CheckBox01, Date01 and Numeric01.

Some of the items were reported on incident 1519441 - Epicor tech support
doesn't want to here more than one or two problems per incident.

1) Can't delete individual rules once added.
You can only delete the entire customization from the load screen "Select
Customization and Translation".
Best work around is to export good customizations often so you can revert
back if needed.

2) Add more than 6 rules get a limit error.

3) Finding conditions for CONTAINS, STARTSWITH and EQUALS with are case
sensitive which makes them useless on text fields.
This limits the command ability. I think I would prefer rules
not being case sensitive.

4) Setting Date Ranges you can't read "First Day of Month" type selections
because the drop down box is not wide enough.
We need customization ability on the customization screens so we can
fix them too. (:-)

5) Settings Results:

Bold - Doesn't Work
Disable - Works (this will disable the field noted changing the background
to grey)
OK - changes field box to green background
Warning - changes field box to yellow background
Error - changes field box to red background
Highlight - changes field box to blue background
Invisible - (I didn't test this one)
Mandatory - Doesn't Work

6) I'm really missing a couple of examples of .net code examples to expand
on the ability here:
A) pop up message box for a mandatory field not filled out
B) pop up message for numeric range or data range which is not
B) also a complex one like order line price not equal to zero
unless a misc change is present.

Again, Here are my findings, please comment or note any additions or
differences you may have experienced.


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