8.00.809A Bug Blank Title 51691

An update to the original report....

Friday (9/8) Epicor provided a hot fix for the AR Open Invoice Load Credit Memo problem.

The hot fix they provided was for Progress users - we are SQL Server. Hot Fix appears to know it is for Progress because it stopped but not before causing some problems with order entry.
Follow up with Epicor indicated they had overlooked the fact I was using SQL Server and there was nothing in the information they provided with the hot fix that indicated it was database sensitive.
As instructed it was put on a test system first so this is more wasted time than a problem.

Progress users have a solution ( I think) - SQL Server users are still waiting.

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Just an FYI..

During a practice drill for going live we have discovered that the AR
Open Invoice Load program will not accept credit memos - this had
worked for us prior to .809.
Reported it last Thursday - they said I was 3rd on a list that only
started the day before. So far no feed back on a resolution or work