9.05.701 - Balance Sheet - Find what is causing out of balance

My Finance department is performing their end of year processes. The Balance Sheet is showing a negative Balance Condition. In comparing the current Balance Sheet to previous ones it has been determined that the out of balance condition started on December 18 of this year. No new GL accounts have been added since that time or previous month and we are thinking that an incorrect transaction may have been posted incorrectly, maybe an incorrect code, etc. Is there a method to point to what is causing the negative balance condition?

First, run the Syntax check in the Financial Report designer. It will check for any GL that isn’t referenced, and any GL that is referenced more than once

Double check the Normal Balance (Debit or Credit) of any Chart of the GL’s that look wonky.
You might have a Chart that is rarely used, and should Debit when it Credits (or vice-versa), and only showed up now that you have a transaction to it.

Run the trial balance and see what is missing. Maybe a category was changed.

Is the trial balance of or showing a net balance.

Vinay Kamboj