9.05.701 Finance charges

 Thank you!!! I just un-checked that box, generated again and presto! I think I'll restore the 10/30 db and retest with the existing finance charge (I'm pretty sure the new finance charge was completely unnecessary). I'll also re-open the first call just to let the tech know about that check-box in case someone else calls in. Once again...Thanks! You made my Monday much brighter.
We went live on 9.05.701 on 10/28. We converted from Vantage 8.03.409a using the DUU. We calculated finance charges on 10/31; they calculated correctly. When finance charges were generated on 11/30 it didn't generate all the FCs it should have. AR needed to get the month closed so they entered and posted some misc. invoices for the FCs that wouldn't generate. I played with a copy of the db and found it wouldn't generate FCs for customers that received FCs on 10/31. I placed a call to support. The tech had me create a new FC and reminder group (we didn't have any reminder groups) linked to the new FC; change one of the problem customers to use the new FC and the 11/30 FC generated correctly. He said I needed to change all customers to use the new FC (and reminder group) to fix the problem. Before doing all that work I wanted to make sure it worked 2 months in a row. I restored the db from 10/30; made the changes; generated and posted 10/31 FCs. Then I generated 11/30 FCs. Same problem. I placed another service call as I don't want to create a new FC and change all customers to use it every month! There was only 1 customer the had FCs generated both months; however the FC generated in the 2nd month was only calculated against an invoice that was current in the 1st month. It's like there's a switch somewhere that says "finance charges are only charged one time on an invoice". The customers do have finance charges set correctly in customer entry. The invoices are not marked "Block finance charges". Has anyone else had this happen or have an idea what I could try next while I wait for support?

There is a switch in Company Maintenance | Company | Modules | Finance | Accounts Receivable | General that specifies Finance charge one per invoice. Cant remember when that came in.