9.05.702 - Subcontract Purchase Orders with different UOMs and Price


Looking for comments and observations:

Subcontract PO for Heat Treating little screws.
Our Quantity: 50,000 EA
Supplier Quantity: 3,500 LBs
UOM CLASS = Count, both EA and LBS are listed.
And Yes I use the "Override Conversion" check box on the PO because my
weights fluctuate.

You can't use two different UOM CLASS on a PO so Epicor Examples of
WEIGHT as a class
And COUNT as a class make no sense. You need one UOM CLASS with both EA
and LB in it.

PRICE BREAKS - Subcontract Operations
This is where it gets goofy.
When you press the PRICE BREAKS button it opens the first record or
creates a new blank one an saves it automatically all based on the OUR
UOM and not the SUPPLIER UOM.
So basically it will create a blank record for EA every time and save it
even though you just created a PRICE BREAK DETAIL record for LBs.

Summary: UOMs, Override Conversion Feature, and Price Breaks don't play
well and understand each other.

I can make it work but it ain't pretty.

Patrick Winter

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