9.05.702A Security Customization

I am thinking about creating a customization where users can request access to certain menu items, something like part or shift. They would select the menu item they need, click request and it would create a request entry that is routed to me, the DBA. Then I would have my own form/dashboard in which I could see these requests, approve or deny requests, and on approve update the security table.

Things I know I need: 
Custom request form that references the menu table and has a selectable tree or combo box with menu items. This control will need a BAQ that references the Menu table.
A user defined table for requests
A button that submits/adds new a group of selected items to the user defined table
Another custom form, or a dashboard which references a updatable BAQ running on a process schedule that ticks every 15 mins and references my user defined table.
This form needs the ability to select a request, edit it if necessary, approve or deny and on approve update the security table and send a message to the user, and on deny send a message to the user

Things I need help on:
Committing information to a table from a custom form
Working with user defined tables
Sending emails/alerts from forms

Any tips or guidance would be appreciated. Please don't tell me to call customization consulting. :)