A/P module lock-ups

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If the user has to re-boot or end the task because of this lockup in
a/p, the way to get back into the group is to make sure the user
isn't logged into vantage, and use "promon" at the server
to "disconnect" the user. Since the user didn't log out of vantage
normally the server will still show them as logged in until the list
refreshs or they are disconnected in this way. We have been
experiencing the same problem since I can't remember when. Our a/p
person hates me because I can't get this fixed.

JM Laboratories

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> Kathleen,
> We are having the same problem. and Unfortunately, we use the same
alt/control/delete to end task. We have noticed that if we do not
have multiple screens minimized it avoids the problem (which is the
less of the evils?). We were hoping when we went to 4.0 the
> problem would be corrected - But I can tell everyone who is
wondering the problem still exists in 4.0. :):).
> Dina
> Vamco International, Inc.
> >
> > We have been experiencing the same problem. The A/P person does
> > alt/control/delete end task and Vantage will allow her to log
back on
> > immediately. Vantage does not show her as logged on twice.
> > happens when she is matching a receipt to add a line. Vantage
was not able
> > to give us any help with this matter.
> >
> > Kathleen Harrington
> > SPS Non-Ferrous Engineered Fasteners
> >
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> >
> > We are experiencing PC lock-ups (frozen screen) on multiple pc's
> > users when in A/P. The sequence before lock-up is generally when
> > adding an invoice line. The A/P group then becomes not accessable
> > a period of time (varies from 30 minutes to the next day).
> > Any suggestions?
> > Vantage version 3.00.629
> > Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> >

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