A question for the Citrix users

We have 15 WYSE Winterms scattered throught the shop. These terminals connect to a Citrix Metaframe 1.8 Server, Windows 2k. We have progress installed locally on this server, Vantage on another. This is a relatively new setup, and we are experiencing random socket errors. In the past week, there have been about 10 of these. Different terminals, and at different times. Sometimes just 1 terminal goes down, other times, 3.

There errors are..

Error reading socket, ret=10054, errno=2. (778)
** Incomplete write when writing to the server. (735)
mainmenu.w database vantage not connected (1006)
* Unable to run startup procedure mainmenu.w (492)
Press the space bar to continue.

At this point, Vantage disappears but prowin32.exe remains active in memory.

I understand socket errors are probably not from Vantage, but the network itself. The confusing part is that all the sessions are really running on the server, and they all do not go down at the same time.

Does anyone have any ideas of where to start looking? Could it be the cat-5 cables? switch? server? Before I start ripping and replacing hardware, I thought I would ask for ideas.

Thank You.