A/R Report without Credits/Deposits

Figured it out myself in crystal..

Just take Grp3Subtotals field and change the formula:

(IIF ({#Grp3Subtotal1} > 0, {#Grp3Subtotal1}, 0)) +
(IIF ({#Grp3Subtotal2} > 0, {#Grp3Subtotal2}, 0)) +
(IIF ({#Grp3Subtotal3} > 0, {#Grp3Subtotal3}, 0)) +
(IIF ({#Grp3Subtotal4} > 0, {#Grp3Subtotal4}, 0)) +
(IIF ({#Grp3Subtotal5} > 0, {#Grp3Subtotal5}, 0)) +
(IIF ({#Grp3Subtotal6} > 0, {#Grp3Subtotal6}, 0))

that keeps it out of customer total but need to work on the breakdowns but will be something similar

Our controller would like to see AR Aging without credits/deposits. Anybody know an easy way to modify to do that? Or have a report done previously? I looked in files but couldn't find anything.

We are on 8.03.407

Many thanks,