A warning from old Epicor 10.1.500.23 is not showing in 10.2.700.4

I have an employee telling me that the mass issue to Mfg used to give a warning when to tried to issue a larger qty of parts than you have in stock.
It is not working now. I am attaching a pic of the warning to see if someone can tell me where it is to enable/fix.
Any help is appreciated.

That can be controlled by a setting on the Part Class. This part existed in the prior version, and with the same class?

It is a copy upgraded from previous version.
I looked at part I was testing with, then looked at it’s part class (pic below).
It says Negative Qty action: warn. Same as the old one. Any ideas?

Do you get the warning on other transactions? Like Qty Adj, or Issue Mtl (the non-mass issue)

I just did a quick test and I get the warning in any of: Qty Adj, Issue Material, or Mass Issue.

If you scroll far right in the Mass Issue grid there are some columns named you should look at:

If I tried to issue the above, I get the warning yopu want:


And then the Action column changes to warn

You have an BPM’s?

I asked and the warning works for Issue Mtl. Just not Mass Issue. I looked at the fields you highlighted and I have a stock qty of 24. I just tried a Qty Issue of 100,000 and it went through without a warning. The action field is still blank.
As for BPMs, I have not added any since we moved to the new version. I can disable any BPMs you think might be affecting it. What should I look for?

Enable the trace log just before hitting OK with a qty too big for the bin. See what shoes up there.

Any chance it’s a UOM difference? The Job need 1600 OZ, but there is only a QOH of 200 … But that 200 is in LB’s.

The qty says EA so I wouldn’t think it was the problem. I also set it to a ridiculously high number in case and got the same result.

I did a tracelog but not sure what I should be looking for. Any ideas?

Sorry, but the week end starts now! If I think of anything else, I add it later

Lol, no problem. Anything you can think of Monday or Tuesday will be helpful. Have a great weekend!