ABC Code

Where are ABC codes stored on parts? I guess I am looking for where they are in a table or screen. I ran a recalculate ABC codes and they show changed but a customer report shows the old code still.

After you run the calculate ABC code how do you get them to change to the new Code?

thanks Kim

When you run Calculate ABC Codes there is a checkbox ‘Update ABC Codes’. That causes the update. ABC Code is stored on the PartWhse.

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Ok, we did have that checked on the Calculate warehouse. Does it show old and new ABC codes in the PartWhse table? How do you know it updated?


How do I change are part so it is not Manual ABC code? I wonder if that is my problem. I thought it was on the Part Maintenance but didn’t see it.


It’s on the PartWhse record. Each warehouse can have it’s own ABC code.

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It is in the Part Maintenance screen, but I recommend doing it using the DMT tool if you have a bunch to change.

See this screen print for the tab with the checkbox.

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