ABCs of ABCCodes

If ABC Codes are stored in the [PartWhse] table for a specific part… then why might I not be able to isolate that exact ABC Code in a SQL query against the [PartWhse] table?

Case in point:

What am I missing concerning how ABC Codes are stored and retrieved in the database?

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i see it in the Partwhse table when i set it manually.



What happens if you search for all records regardless of Warehouse code? (no ‘MFG’ selection)

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@Mark_Wonsil :

Same deal. No “SystemABC” values at all.


I do want to mention, in deference to @Craig’s comment that these codes were set by the “Calculate ABC Codes” process.

Then it should show in System. :thinking: I don’t think ABC code is kept anywhere higher like Part or Part Class either…

A Warehouse can have a default ABC code. Look in WarehseABC

Maybe it only stores the ABC code in Partwhse when it differs from the warehouse’s default.

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And silly question, you’re looking at the same database instance? (Not live in Epicor and Pilot in SSMS?)

You’re on the right track. Is there any possible way you’re querying a different database?
Our show in System ABC whether or not they’re Manual

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