Ability to Disassemble Finished Part (idea)

I hope it’s OK to ask for votes, but our current ERP let’s us more easily return individual components to inventory when the whole unit is RMA’d as an assembly. I.e., we build hand trucks, so it’s sold as a top-level part number. But when it comes back, we can salvage all, most or some of the parts.

Right now, our system can let us Return by Exception, where we can reopen a job and go through the BOM and either bring them all back to primary stock bin, or can go line by line to type in the good quantity that we want to return issue; then click Process and the system returns the good items to inventory.

We don’t necessarily want to return to a job, but just a quicker way to “blow back parts” into inventory.

I have posted an idea and was wondering if I may ask some votes. :slight_smile:
Ability to disassemble a finished part | Epicor Kinetic Ideas Portal (aha.io)

(and if folks are currently doing something similar to this, I’d love to hear)


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Have you tried dispositioning the returned product to a job?
After you have it in the job, use the Job Receipt to Salvage process.
You can enter in any part, it doesn’t have to be defined on the job material that you are returning.

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I’ve seen a bit about the Job Receipt to Salvage, and I will certainly look more into this. Thanks for the reminder!

I think our ask may be more around prepopulating the task with the parts found in the job’s MOM vs. adding them individually. Our current system brings up an updatable table that lists all the parts used on the job, and you can either mass-receive all, or type in the quantities to receipt in each line.

Are you aware of anything out of the box that does this in Epicor?

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I recall that I had created a dashboard that allowed me to mass adjust materials into stock

  1. Receive “A” into inventory from RMA
  2. adjust out “A”
  3. copy list of materials from dashboard (set in the correct order)
  4. paste insert into Qty Adjustment

If you use the same reason code the balance of the cost will stay in the correct account

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Thank you very much for sharing this! I will review with the rest of the dev team.