Ability to store comments against BPMs

Working in an environment where there are many different teams adding BPMs it would be nice to be able to have comments. I think dashboards already have something.

I had thought of just adding a custom code step to the BPM and using that for comments. I guess this links into the source control topic that Mark raised.

And BAQs and Security groups and…


And when we search for baq, having the Last modified date ( as available with dashboard search) would ease the search…

Of course, a source control system responds to the needs of this enhancement and more.


Just the way the Dashboard behaves, poping up a textbox where we put relative info , would do the job!

BPM Nodes have Comments and so do BAQ Nodes, but not the BPM or BAQ itself.

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I was speaking to the Last Modified, and the Modified before that, and by whom, and what exactly changed so that it can be compared to a fresh version when moving to new versions…but a comment field would be nice.

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Sorry I said comment field but the way the dashboards “comment field” acts is when we save, it pop up a text box where you can write any relevant text you want, and saves it with the current version.
We are using it with the following structure : Version , Id of the workorder (we use an internal helpdesk for any change requests) and what was done. It saves by tagging the user and date/time.

Thats all we need for some follow up nothing complex…it is not perfect but does the job…

But will never say no to a revision control system !!! of course.


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YES!!! Expand the comments to every single setup UI form too. Often I want to know why we do what we do, and it’s long ago history, and nobody knows anymore… Storing it in Epicor with the corresponding screen makes a lot more sense then tracking it outside the system.


Not perfect but you can annotate the help for forms, but that starts to move into relm of end user procedure, which you could argue that is what EKM is for.

@hasokeric I must have been living under a rock on the node comments mention.

As Joshua Bardwell says. “Your gunna learn something today” and I did. Thanks. :grin:

10.2.600 adds a description field to BPM’s so you can capture the intent.


Thanks @Edge!

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