Access data from a dataView / dataTable

I posted a topic on how to store data from a text box in a grid here. I now need to access it. I found a related problem and possible solution for me in this post. @fvodden found that using #_ _# tags you can execute JavaScript code. I tried using #_trans.dataView('SpecialItemsView').viewData_# and resulted in 0: "[object Object],[object Object]". I added JSON.parse() #_JSON.parse(trans.dataView('SpecialItemsView').viewData)_# and resulted in 0: "[object Object],[object Object]". I then tried JSON.stringify() #_JSON.stringify(trans.dataView('SpecialItemsView').viewData)_# and resulted in 0: "[{\"Name\":\"a\"},{\"Name\":\"b\"}]". Even using JSON.stringify() both items are on index 0. Any ideas?

Working with the #_JSON.stringify(trans.dataView('SpecialItemsView').viewData)_# idea I have a text box to hold the results of the grid. In order to see the results I created an event to be fired upon the view row changed. I found a couple of problems. Not sure if these are features or bugs.

  1. The event is not fired until the second item is added.
  2. No event is fired when the item is deleted.